Independence, good health for seniors

California is "Graying"—we have the largest number of people over age 65 in the country. By 2020, it is projected that California will have more than 6.5 million seniors.

Many seniors whom I visit are concerned about protecting their independence. They want to live in their own home and community as long as possible. Public policies need to address this issue.

There must be more concerted efforts to coordinate community, housing, and health services. All seniors should have easy access to quality healthcare.

People who care for seniors are an important part of the equation. Maintaining high quality care requires that caregivers have labor rights and decent pay and benefits.

In order for a senior to be able to retire with dignity after many years of employment they must be able to know that their pensions will be there for them in the future. 

In the California Assembly, I am their advocate—not just with words, but with action.